Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy Saint Patrick´s Day...(ou antes, eve)


My pretty Irish Lass

I need a four-leafed shamrock, and a jug of barley mead,
I need a harp of finest gold, and a flute made from the reed.

I need a host of fairies, with stardust on their wings,
and a score of leprechauns, with all their magic things.

These things I need and many more, to cast an Irish spell,
on the beauty that I found, living in the dell.

Her hair is red and blazing, like fire among the grass,
her eyes are green as emeralds, this lovely Irish lass.

The little freckles on her cheeks, bring out her Irish grace,
like tiny stardust from the fairies, sprinkled on her face.

I need the mead for courage, and the harp to sing her praise,
and the leprechauns to show me, their hidden secret ways.

I need a four-leafed shamrock, and a jug of barley mead,
to give me hope and courage, to do a worthy deed.

I will give it to this Irish lass, to prove that I am bold,
I know exactly what I need, a pot of Irish gold.

Saint Patrick stand behind me, as I search the emerald Isle,
to find a pot of Irish gold, to make my lasse smile.

I will follow the nearest rainbow, no matter where it goes,
past the dales and on the river, no matter where it flows.

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